Policy Goes High-Tech
In a post earlier this week, I commented on Barack Obama’s pairing of an email fundraising appeal to supporters with the rollout of his national security team. The upshot of the post was my suggestion that Obama’s groundbreaking use of web technology for grassroots organization, which was so effective during the presidential campaign, would no doubt continue once he was in office. While the national security email underscored the fundraising side of the equation, I speculated that the Obama Administration would also use the marriage of technology and the grassroots to build support for its policy initiatives.
While I didn’t have a specific policy area in mind when I wrote the earlier item, an article in today’s Washington Post provides a perfect example of how the incoming administration will undertake this sort of outreach in the field of health care policy. While the need for presidents to rally public support for big ticket policy initiatives is nothing new, look for the Obama Administration to usher in a whole new high-tech way of undertaking this crucial political task.

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