A Politician's No?
It occurred to me shortly after I posted yesterday, that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s no to a presidential run in 2012 could simply have been the standard politician’s no, the kind typically offered to divert attention from one’s true interest and ambition. In fact, an update to the linked item in the original post suggests that Jindal subsequently tried to create a bit of wiggle room in his otherwise definitive answer.
But in this instance, my bet is that Jindal’s no really means no. He was politically shrewd enough to promptly remove himself from consideration as John McCain’s running mate, as soon as it became clear he was a serious frontrunner for the slot. And, unlike Sarah Palin, Jindal does not appear to be in a rush to meet his political future. Given the scope of Barack Obama’s grassroots organization and fundraising apparatus, Jindal knows that any Republican challenger will face a daunting task in trying to unseat Obama in 2012, provided he has a reasonably successful first term.
In contrast, 2016 could be a wide-open contest in both parties. While it is conceivable that Vice President-elect Joe Biden could run for president at that time, he will be just shy of his 70th birthday on Election Day, and (having already run for president twice and lost) may very well decide to step aside in favor of a younger Democratic nominee. Provided Jindal is reelected in 2011 and has a successful second term as Louisiana’s governor, he would be well positioned for a presidential run. So that is why my original post seemed to implicitly take Jindal’s no at face value.


Posted On: 12-12-2008 10:59:08 by bystander
Whoever the "younger" Dems run against Louisiana Governor as of 12-11-2008 in 2016 (bayh, warner, 69-yo hillary, etc) instead of Biden is NOT going to be as hugely popular, as massively well funded, as politically gifted, and as universally adored by the media as Obama. Additionally, throughout next eight Obama regime,People will surely be tired of Dem. Therefore Bobby Jindal will become 45th U.S. president.

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