McCain Hedges on Palin
If your power came back on over the weekend, perhaps you caught the interesting little exchange between George Stephanopoulos and John McCain on This Week, at the very end of McCain’s first Sunday interview since the election. Stephanopoulos asked McCain whether Gov. Sarah Palin could count on his support, should she run for president in the future. McCain was caught sufficiently off guard by the question to actually begin his response with the words, “Oh, no.” He then went on to give a less than satisfying answer about all of the talented young governors in the Republican Party, and the likelihood that one of them would be the party’s nominee in the future.
Stephanopoulos was very shrewd in his wording of the question. I have heard McCain asked many times whether he has any regrets about his choice of Palin as his running mate. He usually gives a standard reply about how exciting she was on the campaign trail, and how she electrified the conservative base of the party. But I have never heard McCain asked directly about whether he would support her for president in a Republican primary contest. I found it interesting that McCain didn’t say he would remain neutral, only that he wasn’t prepared to weigh in on a potential Palin candidacy this early in a new electoral cycle.

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