Camp Aloha
Last week’s crazy winter weather forced me to spend some quality time in various airports up and down the East Coast. While sitting around my departure gates, I had the opportunity to take in endlessly repeated scenes of the Obama family vacation in Hawaii on the overhead television monitors. In addition to making me feel even worse about the nasty weather outside, this got me thinking about whether Hawaii would become the vacation White House of choice for the Obama Administration.  Bush 41 had the family retreat on Walker’s Point in Kennebunkport. Bill Clinton usually dropped in on friends on Martha’s Vineyard, and President Bush has his brush-laden ranch in Crawford, Texas.
While it’s a long haul from Washington, D.C. to Hawaii, when you are flying Air Force One, it’s probably not a bad trip. I’m guessing the traveling White House press corps would find spending time in Hawaii a lot more amenable than Crawford, but perhaps the cost would be prohibitive for some smaller media outlets. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hawaii gets the nod, and it may even get a few infrastructure upgrades as a bonus. If you have other suggestions for the Obama vacation compound, send them my way.

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