Bill of Sale
I guess I am not surprised that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is in hot water sufficient to cause him to withdraw his nomination as Barack Obama’s Commerce Secretary. I have written before about Richardson’s big personality. In talking with reporters and political observers following Richardson over the past few years, I often heard whispers about “skeletons in his closest,” or his tendency to skate close to the edge as “a man of large appetites.” No one could (or would) ever provide any real detail, so I usually wrote most of it off as standard campaign trail gossip. Still, you always got the feeling with Richardson that the proverbial shoe was about to drop. So, this latest “pay-to-play” scandal certainly doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility.
Richardson maintains he has done nothing improper, and is only withdrawing to prevent the lengthy federal probe from turning his confirmation process into a circus. This is probably an accurate assessment of what would ensue. And, the speed of his withdrawal is indicative of the Obama team’s penchant for a quick severing of ties with problematic individuals. Nonetheless, Richardson is an experienced political player, who has spent most of the time since the end of the Clinton Administration trying to make his way back to Washington. Should Richardson be cleared of any wrongdoing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him saddle up and ride east once again.

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