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Like many political observers in the state, I was really disappointed to learn earlier today that the plug is being pulled on the PolitickerNH website. Brian Lawson has done a tremendous job of providing us with a micro-level view of New Hampshire’s unique brand of politics, and it felt to me like the site was really starting to hit its stride. Full disclosure here - Brian is a former student of mine, and I can honestly say he was perfectly suited for this particular reporting gig.
I’ll also miss being able to one-stop-shop for insights and analysis from James Pindell, Dante Scala, and the rest. But the web is constantly evolving in surprising and unpredictable ways, and there will only continue to be intense interest in Granite State politics. So, I am hopeful that we will be seeing much more from Cosmo and company in the near future.


Posted On: 01-09-2009 22:03:18 by Jim Splaine
It might be a good time for a group of political-type professors to get together and assemble some funding from various educational sources to create an open political think-tank critical-thinking WEBSITE available to all points of view in New Hampshire. Continual funding is the key. You could use interns from political classes as well and make it into a fantastic learning, educational, and information-sharing Blog.

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