Mistakes, I've Made a Few
As we all know by now, President Bush is not a huge fan of introspection, particularly when it comes in the form of forced psychoanalysis at the collective hands of the White House press corps. So, I was a bit surprised to see him actually take the bait on a few of the usual mistakes/regrets/animosity questions posed this morning in his final presidential press conference. Bush offered up a few morsels, including the “Mission Accomplished” banner, his occasionally overheated rhetoric (think, “Bring it on!”), and some of his actions (well, sort of) in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
But it should be clear to anyone who watched this farewell performance that Bush continues to believe in the fundamental correctness of his major decisions as president, even if (in his mind) other political actors or circumstances often intervened to cause him to fall short of his desired outcome. And, anyone who still thinks Bush is largely oblivious to the criticisms leveled against him, might have been surprised to hear him recite at great length the various negative critiques against his presidency. He may not give them much credence, but he has definitely been listening.

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