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I was a little disappointed to hear the presidential oath of office flubbed yesterday. As millions of people witnessed, President Obama jumped the gun on the first part of the oath, and Chief Justice Roberts, perhaps thrown off his game, responded by placing the word faithfully in the wrong spot in the oath. For the sake of posterity, I was kind of hoping for a do-over. But once Roberts called Obama “Mr. President,” I knew that wasn’t likely.
Well, I wasn’t the only one looking for take two. A piece in today’s San Francisco Chronicle quotes several legal scholars who believe President Obama should redo the oath, just to be on the safe side. If nothing else, this topic should be fertile ground for fringe elements and conspiracy theorists on both the left and right. I can see the blog posts already. Was this a Republican plot to undermine the legitimacy of the Obama presidency?  Perhaps it was payback from Roberts for Obama’s Senate vote against his confirmation. Maybe Obama technically isn’t president after all. This could be perfect for the web.
Update (1/22/09): President Obama took the oath a second time last night, "out of an abundance of caution."  Obama didn't use a bible this time, however, which will no doubt provide some additional internet fodder for suspicious religious conservatives.


Posted On: 01-21-2009 16:10:07 by Jim Splaine
Certainly not to compare lowly $100-a-year NH State Representatives with the President of the United States, if it's determined Barack Obama isn't officially in office because of a misplaced word, how about all of us in the NH Legislature when the Governor says "I (state your name) do solemnly swear..." and we hear a splattering of Legislators-to-be say "I, state your name, do solemnly swear..."

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