Dial "M" for Mundane
When I heard that U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald had release some new wiretapped phone conversations to the Illinois Senate for use in its impeachment trial of Governor Rod Blagojevich, I thought perhaps we would finally get a good look at some damning evidence beyond what we’ve already heard on the U.S. Senate seat-for-sale episode. And, when I read reports that at least one Illinois state senator had referred to the content of the new tapes as “nauseating” and “sickening,” and worthy of “organized crime figures,” I assumed Blagojevich had been completely unmasked as a thug.
But then I listened to the tapes here, and I must say I was pretty underwhelmed. The tapes vaguely suggest that Blagojevich and a colleague are up to some sort of shenanigans, but not much else. Either there is more to these conversations than we were allowed to hear (doesn’t sound like it), or the state senator quoted above has a mighty weak constitution. I’m guessing Fitzgerald is saving the best stuff for the criminal trial. But if this is the best the senators have for the impeachment trial, then I’m not surprised some lawmakers are now expressing doubts about the case against the governor.

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