The Waiting is the Hardest Part
I held off from posting on the Senator Gregg story earlier today, in order to wait a bit longer for any breaking developments. In addition to the statement released by Gov. Lynch this afternoon, is now reporting that Gregg will indeed be named tomorrow as President Obama’s nominee for Commerce Secretary.
If you had asked me to write the statement released by Gov. Lynch’s office based on what I have observed of his governing style over the past four years, I would have come up with something very close to what was actually made public. As a result, I am not surprised to see that some political observers on the left are disappointed that Lynch is once again exhibiting a moderate’s preference for political stability, and a task-oriented approach to New Hampshire governance that bypasses the typical partisan filter.
I understand the sentiment expressed by some generally supportive Democrats that Gov. Lynch may be setting himself up to miss a rare opportunity to move the Progressive agenda forward by giving Democrats a filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Senate. But, from the moment this story broke, those expectations have struck me as unrealistic. Not simply because of how Lynch chooses to govern, but because I don’t think Gregg would allow it to happen, nor do I think it was ever really part of Obama’s calculus in making this particular choice.


Posted On: 02-03-2009 20:22:23 by Jim Splaine
So Dean, I'd like your "read" on what Democrats thought they'd get from all of this. First I heard the #60 Plan. Strike out. Then I heard that with Judd Gregg out of the way, 2010 would "open up" for a Democrat. But now John E. Sununu is being mentioned as a candidate for 2010 and he can be on the ground this time around much more than he was in 2008, thus maybe being even tougher than Gregg would be -- and likely facing a candidate who, unlike Jeanne Shaheen, hasn't run staewide. I also hear about the "bipartisanship" Gregg will offer in the Cabinet/Commerce, but there were others who would have provided similar bipartisanship. I don't see any benefit at all. Your read?

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