My Burris-itis is Acting Up
I think the folks at First Read are onto something with their suggestion that the new controversy surrounding Illinois Senator Roland Burris may provide Democrats in the state with an unexpected rationale for backing a competitive party primary to move Burris out of the seat in 2010.
When Democratic leaders in Congress balked at seating Burris back in January, I found their explanation to be unpersuasive. But I am now equally skeptical of Burris' justification for waiting an extra month to mention several phone conversations with former Gov. Blagojevich’s brother, in which he was asked for help with financial contributions. Burris has duly noted that no assistance was given, and his earlier testimony on the matter may not amount to perjury. But Democrats in Illinois and Washington, D.C. are once again left shaking their heads, even as they perhaps glimpse a silver electoral lining.

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