Shaheen in the Center
Yesterday, the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call (subscription required) reported that about 15-20 moderate Democrats in the U.S. Senate are planning to form a working group of like-minded individuals to function as a bloc in promoting centrist policies within the party’s legislative ranks. It sounds like the group is being organized by Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, with a primary mission of focusing on deficit reduction and fiscal responsibility.
This story caught my attention because of a link to our own Senator Jeanne Shaheen, one which John DiStaso's column in the Union Leader yesterday also mentions.  And, as I was surfing the cable news shows last night, I came across a clip running on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show. The segment, entitled “Dissenting Democrats,” recounted much of the Roll Call story, and added Maddow’s own less than appreciative assessment of the idea. At the very end of the segment, Maddow ran a slide labeled “Conservadems,” with Senator Shaheen pictured (no name) as one of the group’s members, along with Bayh, Virginia Senator Mark Warner, and several others. So, the piece at least implied that Shaheen will join this working group.
Although Senator Shaheen voted in favor of the recent $410 billion appropriations bill, it wouldn’t surprise me to see her gravitate toward this type of centrist group. It is in part how she successfully positioned herself in a Republican state legislative landscape as governor, and it is reflective of her close alignment with the Clintons, who (like Bayh) came out of the orbit of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council.  Still, it would be fascinating to see Shaheen, only a few months into her first term, raise her political profile through participation in a group of Democrats that may very well butt heads with the Obama Administration on spending.


Posted On: 03-15-2009 12:06:03 by Comment
Sounds like a pro-war on Iran group to me.

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