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In a post on Friday dealing with President Obama’s European trip, I noted that conservatives are likely to find little to celebrate in the tremendous reception both Barack and Michelle Obama received during their overseas travels. In doing so, I mentioned that in recent weeks I have been hearing a drumbeat political narrative from conservatives about Obama’s desire to use the reins of government to take our country in a socialist direction. I predicted the narrative would be ratcheted up a few notches this week, as conservative commentators begin to dissect Obama’s performance in Europe.
Sure enough, a sampling of conservative commentary over the past few days turned up lots of criticism of President Obama’s  European “apologies” tour, and in particular of his willingness to trade a rejection of American exceptionalism (especially of the Bush neoconservative variety) for European adulation and acceptance, yet without any significant new resource commitments from the countries. Along these lines, a recent post by Marc Ambinder at the Atlantic adds a little extra flavor to this issue of the conservative anti-Obama narrative, and tries to put it in the broader context of the Republican struggle to get some traction against the administration’s agenda.

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