Snowed In
It looks like the Republican Party’s team of mavericks won’t be reuniting in the U.S. Senate anytime soon, now that Gov. Sarah Palin has confirmed she will not launch a primary challenge against Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski in 2010. Given the professional and personal difficulties Palin has faced since the Republican ticket lost in November, this sounds like a pretty reasonable decision to me.
Plus, if Palin’s true ambition is the presidency, then the U.S. Senate is not an ideal stepping stone, even with President Obama’s rare elevation to the office directly from the Senate. Since his victory, I have noted on a number of occasions that Palin has a lot of work to do as a candidate, if she is to have a serious shot at the White House. And, I think the verdict is still out on whether she will ever really be up to the task. If she is, then part of that political retooling would benefit from her receding from the political spotlight for a time, as difficult as that may be. A Senate run right now would instead keep the political circus that has surrounded her since last September in town for the foreseeable future.

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