Mr. Smith Redux
Here is one for old times’ sake. Former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith has announced he will seek a return to the U.S. Senate, this time from his new home base in Florida. Last I recall, Smith had moved to the Sunshine State, in order to sell high-end real estate. Given the housing market down there now, I am guessing he will have plenty of time to focus on his campaign. You may remember that Smith left the Republican Party (not conservative enough for him) for a time during the 2000 presidential election, so he could run for president as an independent.
Back in 2000, I took a group of my Dartmouth students to have lunch with Senator Smith, and it was quite an eye-opener for them. He spent the hour talking about strict constructionism, abortion, and taxes, likely the same themes Florida voters can look forward to hearing from him this time around. In case your memory of Smith has faded a bit since his primary loss to John E. Sununu in 2002, you can watch him contemplating a possible Florida Senate run just this past February.  Smith may be the longest of shots, but it sure would make for an entertaining Republican primary if the more moderate Governor Charlie Crist also decides to enter the race.


Posted On: 04-15-2009 20:18:57 by Jim Splaine
Bob Smith, and I'm not a fan, has been unestimated by his opponents for years, dating back to when he first ran for Congress, then for reelection. I don't see it, but some people find a few appealing qualities in him. Of course, many people still get sold the line on scams, such as those saying that someone has died and left you $15,000,000 in cash hidden in a box in a foreign country that you can have just by sending in $115.00 for Fed Ex delivery charges. Go figure.

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