Forget Me Not
As you may have heard, John McCain unintentionally made some news again last night. When asked by Jay Leno to name the future leaders of the Republican Party, McCain mentioned no fewer than five current or former Republican governors, but neglected to include Sarah Palin on the list. McCain wisely noted the perils inherent in this sort of impromptu list-making, as someone significant is inevitably overlooked. But you wouldn’t expect it to be his former vice presidential running mate. As I mentioned last month, McCain was also noncommittal about Palin when asked directly about her prospects in a Meet the Press interview.
I am on the fence about how much to read into this most recent McCain omission.  On the one hand, McCain is clearly no longer in campaign mode, and I don't think he is spending much time thinking about the next generation of Republican leaders. On the other hand, he has been asked about Palin so frequently in recent months that you would think her name would be on the tip of his tongue, even if it is just out of courtesy to his former running mate.
Whether intentional or not, McCain is creating a little breathing room for himself here, making it less likely that he will be boxed into endorsing Palin, should she run for president in 2012. Equally intriguing were last night’s bonus kind words for Mitt Romney, McCain’s former favorite presidential primary punching bag. As I noted recently, Romney seems increasingly well-positioned to be a player in Republican politics going forward.


Posted On: 04-15-2009 20:20:28 by Jim Splaine
Two possibilities: either John McCain is trying to forget all about his Sarah Error, or he has forgot all about his Sarah Error.

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