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I have already written a bit about the less than warm reception some conservatives have given the National Council for a New America, the Republican policy development brainchild of House Minority Whip Eric Cantor. I noted in a previous post that the group may end up spending as much time fending off attacks from the right wing of the party as it does engaging the moderates and independents it hopes to draw back into its ranks.
In keeping with the intra-party warfare theme, former Arkansas Governor and ongoing presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has now decided to pile on with his own criticism of the initiative, noting his personal difficulty in holding back laughter at the new group’s “listening tour.” Huckabee’s post-election gig on Fox News has provided him with a rather nice platform for regularly interjecting himself into the conservative discourse in this way.
I mention this mainly to suggest that for all the attempts by Congressional Republicans to develop a policy agenda to counter the Obama legislative juggernaut, the party’s next presidential primary contest will most certainly revert to the time-honored tradition of having candidates claim outsider status, while playing to the base by running against the party’s so-called institutional elites. For me, Huckabee’s critique is a timely reminder of what that familiar attack will sound like, when we hear it again in 2012.

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