Sticks and Stones
When I first read Roger Simon’s report today that the Republican National Committee is about to promulgate a new policy of referring to the Democratic Party as the Democrat Socialist Party, I did a genuine double take at my computer screen. You would think with all of the challenges currently facing the party, this particular item might not be at the top of the agenda.  If true, it will no doubt provide some pleasure to conservatives, but will probably not accomplish much more in terms of rebranding Democrats against their will.
My recollection is that the Republican ticket hit this socialism theme pretty hard during the last presidential campaign to little effect. Plus, if you spend any time following the partisan opposition to President Obama, you already know that references to his administration as a socialist phenomenon are ubiquitous among the Republican base, which makes the RNC seem like it’s a little bit late to the game with this proposal. If nothing else, it will be amusing to see how Republican elites work the new phrase into their talking points, at a time when they are increasingly consumed by internal conflict over their own rebranding efforts.

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