Here is an update on an item I posted last week. In my earlier post, I had to scratch my head over the Republican National Committee’s pending resolution to tag the Democratic Party with a new moniker, the Democrat Socialist Party. Other than providing some obvious entertainment value to conservatives, the move didn’t sound like a particularly effective means of getting greater traction with the moderates and independents that have recently left the party in significant numbers, many of whom would likely find the move counterproductive.
Well, the resolution has been shot down at the RNC’s state chairmen’s meeting now underway in Maryland by none other than the national chairman, Michael Steele. Instead of Democrat Socialist Party red meat, party insiders will have to settle for their meat medium-rare with a resolution condemning the Democratic Party’s “march to socialism.” As I noted in my original post, this particular critique is nothing new in conservative circles. So, a resolution to this end would underscore the criticism, without recourse to any embarrassing name-calling by political professionals. And, Michael Steele continues his fascinating relationship with political elites in his own party.

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