Sometimes that is all it takes, a do-over, one more try. In the wake of the defeat of gay marriage legislation in the New Hampshire House two weeks ago, the bill’s supporters momentarily seemed at a loss to explain their failure. At the time, I noted that their challenge was to articulate if possible the majority will of an often unpredictable chamber by reworking the amendment that had just stalled.
The leaders gambled (correctly, it turns out) that they had already largely articulated that collective will, as evidenced by the perfunctory conference committee meeting on the amendment’s language last Friday. They instead focused on process by changing just a few minds, while locking in maximum Democratic turnout for this afternoon’s vote. In the end, the 198-176 vote in favor of gay marriage wasn’t nearly as close as those which had preceded it.
Many Democrats will see the arrival of gay marriage in New Hampshire as another sign of increasing progressive strength in our state politics. Some conservatives will interpret it as a reasonable reflection of our state’s libertarian roots, while others will view it as an unwelcome departure from broader religious and cultural norms. But regardless of which side of the debate you were on, it is hard to deny that we have all just witnessed a remarkable demonstration of the power of grassroots activism and the democratic process in our state.


Posted On: 06-03-2009 22:35:02 by Jim Splaine
Where there's a will (to do something good) there's a way. We had a challenge to meet, and we met it. It's been the story on this cause way back to September when it started. And even before that.

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