The Palin Parallel
Only a day after New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte announced she was resigning from state government in order to explore a run for the U.S. Senate, state Democrats are already playing the Sarah Palin card. I am referring of course to the new YouTube video produced by the New Hampshire Democratic Party, which attempts to draw a direct comparison between Ayotte’s fairly standard political appointee resignation yesterday and Sarah Palin’s puzzling behavior last Friday.
I understand the state Democratic Party’s desire to exploit any potential tactical advantage, as that is the rough-and-tumble nature of competitive electoral politics. And, there will be plenty of legitimate opportunity to go after Ayotte, should she win her party’s nomination. But I sure hope this particular video was done with tongue firmly planted in cheek, because it is a stretch. And the part about wanting to be able to trust Ayotte and Palin once again, come on now.  The "Rip Van" Sununu riff from earlier this year was clever, but this "two of a kind" idea is a bit silly.
Ayotte is not an elected official. In the world of bureaucratic politics, five years is usually considered a pretty good run for a political appointee. It also happens to be twice the length of time that Palin spent in the Alaskan governor’s office.  Given the tremendous amount of speculation about Ayotte and the U.S. Senate race, I don’t imagine Governor Lynch was caught off guard by her resignation, even if she told him a year ago that she planned to stay put.

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