Wrong Said Fred
It is amazing how spending $400k of your own money will get you noticed. I am assuming that this is what Fred Tausch wanted, when he began spending that sum on television ads and glossy mailers featuring him taking Washington politicians to task for a lack of fiscal responsibility. And, it doesn’t sound like he minded being mentioned as a potential Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, either.
But as Tausch found out with Lauren Dorgan’s recent piece probing his personal and financial background (I haven’t heard the name UrbanFetch in years!), that kind of political flirtation brings with it an added level of scrutiny, even beyond any public curiosity about his self-funded STEWARD initiative. So, I’m sure it is no coincidence that he is out of 2010 electoral politics only a few days after the Concord Monitor ran Dorgan’s piece. While it is possible that the recent formation of Kelly Ayotte’s exploratory committee accelerated his decision a bit, it is more likely that Dorgan’s piece forced the issue for him.
All of this is not to say that Fred Tausch can’t still be a player in Republican politics, if he so desires. I’m sure the state party and its eventual nominees could use a new financial high roller in the ranks. And, Tausch can certainly continue to self-fund his own activist platform in the state, if he prefers to continue pursuing an outsider approach to grassroots politics. Actually, how Tausch resolves the inherent tension between these two approaches to political influence (party insider and enigmatic outsider), beyond the glare of a U.S. Senate race, could eventually become its own interesting story.

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