Huck is in Luck
I’m back to former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee once again, this time in the guise of a new Washington Post-ABC News poll which shows Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s popularity dropping as she prepares to leave office on Sunday. Last week, I wrote a post commenting on what struck me as a somewhat odd running cable news narrative by Huckabee on all things Sarah Palin. Most of it I would categorize as damning with faint praise.
It occurred to me that with Palin soon to be free to spend her time tending to the Republican Party’s social and religious conservatives, Huckabee was the one 2012 presidential prospect most likely to be jammed by her expanded presence. So what I experienced on television was Huckabee trying to calmly reposition himself without looking overly concerned by the potential for enhanced competition from Palin.
Well, even if Palin cramps Huckabee’s style a bit, this new poll should make him feel a little better. Not only does it have him ahead of Mitt Romney by five points, but it shows him beating Palin among religious conservatives by a margin of two to one. Huckabee faces some of the same broader coalition-building issues as Palin, but neither his populism nor his personality is as polarizing. Maybe now he will be emboldened to leave the Palin passive aggression behind.

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