Lost in the Supermarket
It seems like virtually every major news organization has a new poll out today showing that President Obama is losing (albeit narrowly) the public relations war over health care reform. One way presidents often deal with slipping support is through the ramping up of campaign-style public events designed to highlight the administration’s perspective on a particular policy. Not surprisingly, Obama has been doing a lot of public appearances and town hall meetings on health care recently, in an effort to shore up sagging voter support for his plans.
This seems like a logical thing for Obama to do, but I had to smile today, when I saw video of the president’s town hall meeting at a Kroger Supermarket in Bristol, Virginia. Fair or not, it instantly reminded me of John McCain’s appearance at a supermarket during the 2008 presidential campaign. You may remember the video, in which McCain helps a mom and her kids shop for applesauce, until the applesauce jars decide they’ve had enough. My favorite part of the video comes at the very end, when a concerned McCain aide rushes out to save the nominee from the rampaging jars.
No such calamity befell Obama today, but any good political advance person will tell you that supermarket appearances are fraught with peril. Teetering stacks of canned goods, unknown commodity prices, and unfamiliar supermarket scanners pose untold dangers for the presidential candidate or sitting chief executive.


Posted On: 08-11-2009 12:48:14 by Laura Beth Slitt
The deeper tragedy regarding the "health care" coverage is its profound lack of examining why people are sick, why children's hospitals are seeing skyrocketing rates of cancers i, and how media is missing the critical discussions on FOOD. Food IS medicine but since agribusiness has been hyjacked by ADM, Cargill and Monsanto, combined with "food" made in labs like drugs, synthesized with chemicals, we have exactly the diseases we are plagued with. The media does NOT interview doctors who are writing books about and using plant based nutrition to reverse and CURE many diseases caused by the animal based diet promoted and supported through the TAX FUNDED USDA Farm Bill. I see a juxtaposition between our health as a society, and the USDA, serving only to promote and expand the consumption of meat, dairy, eggs and poultry, with the food pyramid also created by panels from these industires. It's a sad state of affairs when the economics of the food, drug, and biomedical industries are more important than feeding the fetus, infant and young child wholesome nutrition that over centuries has proven to build immune strength and longenvity... Why does Elaine Grant, Julie Rovner, Joanne Silburner, or ANY of the other so called health reporters, never interview the many medical doctors who are getting people healthy and OFF drugs, out of the surgical wards, by simply removing from their diets the fat, cholesterol and fake foods that cause our organs to clog and fail? We as a society refuse to face that the plaguing issues we suffer from are self-designed. What humans eat affects every fiber of our existance and animal agriculture ( another topic under examined )IS contributing to human and animal disease, environmental devastation, and unimaginable animal suffering. Our free press is bridled or complicit concerning the root causes of disease and swine flu a perfect example. It's covered ONLY through the lense of vaccines, NEVER from the source, pig farms in Mexico owned by Smithfield Inc,. ANyone hear reports of a pending lawsuit by a man who lost his pregnant wife to swine flu? If I created a virus, a biological threat that killed people, I'd be called a terrorist. The pork industry is able to create biological agents that threaten every man, woman and child, with no accountability. Why? How can we bring up children in a society with several sets of laws and a selective justice system? Come on media, be the in depth investigative reporters you say you are.

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