Ayotte's Social Studies
I was so preoccupied with the dueling political narratives surrounding President Obama’s town hall meeting in Portsmouth yesterday that I temporarily forgot about former New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte’s big coming out appearance at the Republican Party’s summer social in Wolfeboro. I was fortunate enough to later catch some of the video on WMUR-TV, which you can still watch here (at right).
There is something especially fascinating about watching a high-profile public official, who has previously enjoyed the protection of nonpartisan institutional status, take those first tentative steps into the political arena. For all the speculation about a potential run for U.S. Senate, to actually hear Ayotte utter some overtly partisan rhetoric for the first time irrevocably changes one’s frame of reference for her; she is now the Republican candidate who claims, somewhat self-consciously, that she is the candidate who can beat Paul Hodes. The self-consciousness will fade over time and the partisan rhetoric will flow more freely with the endless repetition of the campaign.
Ayotte continues to say that she is only exploring a possible run, but that certainly won’t buy her any free passes from potential opponents. The dictates of our technology-driven instantaneous news cycle have made the leisurely dipping of one’s toes into the political waters largely a thing of the past.  So, it is no surprise that the New Hampshire Democratic Party has been hitting Ayotte with everything but the kitchen sink, literally from the moment she signaled some interest in the race. And, she certainly seemed to be acting like a candidate yesterday.


Posted On: 08-13-2009 13:02:46 by Jim Splaine
As I've been saying for quite some time, let's keep in mind that there very likely with be more than just one Democratic US Senatorial candidate, and it is not a given that Paul Hodes will be the nominee of the Democratic Party. He might not be the strongest candidate for the Democrats in 2010. I like Paul Hodes, but I can also get excited about another candidate.

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