If Dining Room Tables Could Talk
About the only backlash we’ve seen in the health care debate lately is the one that progressives unleashed this week against the Obama Administration, after it seemed to waiver on the idea of a public option for health insurance reform. But I’m wondering whether Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank’s highly entertaining pushback (watch here) yesterday against the whole gun-toting, Obama-as-Hitler, socialism-here-we-come opposition to health care reform could serve as a turning point of sorts in the broader debate over reform.
Until now, Members of Congress have gone to great pains to be seen as taking seriously even the most abusive, fringe-dwelling questioners at their town hall meetings. Frank simply managed to say out loud what is surely on the minds of many other Democratic elites and Obama Administration supporters. I don’t know whether this moment will prove to be a momentum changer in the end, but today was the first time that I’ve heard callers on conservative talk radio express concern that opponents may be going too far with the leg holsters and Hitlerian imagery.

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