A Spot of Tea for NH Democrats
Late last week, the New Hampshire Democratic Party released its latest riff on the Republican Party chair John Sununu, Sr. as Rip Van Winkle meme. The NHDP has moved quite aggressively over the past year to negatively brand a number of key state Republican players like Sununu, Sr., Kelly Ayotte, and Judd Gregg. While some attempts have missed the mark, I’ve noted before that this “Rip Van” Sununu caricature has been one of the more effective ones. I have written in a similar vein about Sununu’s use of the dated phrase, the San Francisco Agenda.
But something different caught my attention in this latest video, set to the tune of Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve Been Gone. Among other accomplishments, the video celebrates state Democratic success in solving the education funding crisis, without a sales or income tax. Now I know that Gov. John Lynch has consistently opposed both kinds of taxes over the years, but the Sununu video gives this opposition the feel of a central party tenet. If so, what about the significant number of progressives in the party who talk regularly about the need to revisit the issue of broad-based taxes? The state party’s 2008 platform seems to suggest reconsideration, even while this video trumpets the absence of both taxes as a key Democratic selling point. At a minimum, this should make for some interesting intra-party discussion.

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