The Kid Comes Back
New Hampshire Democrats seem mighty pleased to have former President Bill Clinton returning to the Granite State in December to headline the party’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner. Democrats are now the status quo in New Hampshire, and the reality of governing can sometimes sap supporters of the energy they once displayed as political insurgents on the outside looking in. Clinton will no doubt stir up some renewed enthusiasm for the electoral battle to come in 2010, along with a significant amount of precious fundraising dollars.
It has been fascinating to watch President Clinton once again regain his political stature on the public stage. I think it is hard to argue with the claim that Clinton has played the first nine months of the Obama Administration perfectly. He has managed to use both his North Korea trip and the Clinton Global Initiative to retain a ubiquitous profile in the media, but he has done so without stepping on the toes of President Obama, or on those of his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
It wasn’t long ago that Bill Clinton was being excoriated from within his own party in the 2008 presidential primaries for his fairy tale remark in New Hampshire, and his Jesse Jackson comparison in South Carolina. Democratic Party elites and political observers seemed to agree back then that Clinton's time had passed.  But if you’ve watched any of his many media appearances in recent weeks, you’ve probably noticed that he seems relaxed, reflective, and bigger than ever (persona-wise, not weight – he still looks pretty trim). So, when President Clinton inevitably mentions in December that he is the Comeback Kid, this time he might not be talking about the 1992 New Hampshire Primary.

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