Oprah's Book Club
I must admit that I was surprised by the announcement that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will kick off her Going Rogue book tour November 16th, as a guest on The Oprah Show. The choice of course makes total sense from a marketing perspective. Although Palin’s memoir is not an official Oprah’s Book Club selection, an appearance on the show can still mean truckloads of product sold, and quickly. I guess my initial reaction is still shaded by the remarkable reticence that Palin showed for doing these kinds of interviews during the presidential campaign, but I also won’t be surprised to hear her blame that behavior on the McCain campaign’s desire to have her sit tight, rather than expose herself to greater media scrutiny.
If Palin’s appearance doesn’t go well, conservatives will be quick to write it off as a function of Oprah’s well-known Obama boosterism. But my guess is that Oprah will be quite up-front and open about her own preferences, so as not to have that context lurking unspoken in the background. And Palin could certainly score a few public relations points by coming across as a bit more coherent and a bit less polarizing than she has been lately, without looking overly rehearsed. Regardless of how the interview plays out, you should expect a significant ripple effect on media coverage both before and after the event. The blogs, talk radio, and cable news will all be there to bear witness to this major cultural moment.

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