Shave and a Haircut
Even if you aren’t following the baseball playoffs, as a political junkie you were probably interested to hear that the Philadelphia Phillies just scored a return trip to the World Series. The team’s second consecutive National league pennant means that by this time tomorrow, NBC’s chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd could be reporting from the White House lawn sans his famous goatee. Todd lost a well-publicized NLCS bet with ABC’s senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper, who would have been forced to sprout his own chin hair had the Los Angeles Dodgers won instead.
The two journalists built a loophole into the bet, however, in which either could opt out of the loser’s punishment by making a $1000 donation to the charity of their choice. This is a nice idea, but in the name of media esprit de corps, and in order to safeguard the integrity of hair removal sporting bets the world over (shaved head anyone?), I think Todd should shave his goatee on television, much in the same way that Stephen Colbert had his head shaved for the troops in Iraq. It sounds like Todd is planning something for The Today Show tomorrow morning, no doubt to Matt Lauer’s great amusement. And while they are at it, maybe both Todd and Tapper will go ahead and make those thoughtful charitable donations anyway.

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