One of the more interesting developments to come out of Tuesday’s wild special election in New York’s 23rd district (in addition to no more third party endorsements), is the decision by the National Republican Senatorial Committee to no longer play favorites in contested Republican primaries around the country. As NRSC chair Senator John Cornyn explained, the committee will no longer spend money or make endorsements in contested Republican primaries for open seats.
This of course applies to our own open-seat contest here in New Hampshire, where former state Attorney General Kelly Ayotte is likely to face several challengers for the Republican nomination to replace Senator Judd Gregg. While the NRSC had not yet endorsed Ayotte, there had been much ado about the committee’s favoritism toward her as a sign of beltway meddling in internal state Republican Party politics.
Lest you think this decision is a response to Granite Staters and others calling on the NRSC to MYOB, you should think again. This decision is really all about an attempt by Republican institutional elites in Washington to de-escalate the growing threat of movement conservatives (especially teabaggers) throwing monkey wrenches into party primaries around the country, just as they did with the Dede Scozzafava/ Doug Hoffman face-off in New York. Unfortunately for Cornyn and Co., even with Wednesday’s announcement, I don’t sense any retreat at all among these folks in the wake of Hoffman’s loss.

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