NH Republican Candidates Go Clubbing
If you were reading the New Hampshire papers for political news this past weekend, you probably came across several references to the Club for Growth, a national, fiscally conservative advocacy group, most recently known for inserting itself into the wild race for the 23rd district of New York. In the 2008 Republican presidential primaries, the group was perhaps best known for its relentless targeting of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee with its TaxHikeMike.com website. Over the weekend, the group was mentioned in conjunction with both our U.S. Senate and House (CD-2) races.
On the Republican side, the issue in both of these contests is whether the Club for Growth will decide to commit significant resources to either championing or targeting one primary candidate over the others. As we saw in NY 23, and are now seeing in the Florida Senate race between moderate Governor Charlie Crist and conservative former House Speaker Marco Rubio, the group’s activities increasingly serve as a gateway for the involvement of other national conservative groups in local elections.
I don’t want to overstate the impact that one advocacy group can have on local politics here in New Hampshire, but Congressional races are now regularly waged and funded in ways that make the involvement of these outside groups a fact of life. Given that all of the Republican candidates in both New Hampshire races are already talking like fiscal conservatives, the Club for Growth’s blessing or wrath could set the stage for a difficult primary for one or more of them, in which all sorts of outside money, organization, and advertising brings further national attention to Granite State political deliberations.

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