Pawlenty's in the Armey Now
You may already know that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is coming to New Hampshire tomorrow to keynote a Republican fundraiser in Concord. I have previously written that Pawlenty may be the one (currently visible) contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 who is well-positioned to bridge the gap between institutional elites and movement conservatives in the Republican Party. His ability to deliver conservative themes couched in a moderate demeanor could potentially resonate with right-leaning independents, as well.
I was a little surprised to read yesterday that former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey essentially concurs with my assessment of Pawlenty. In recent months, Armey has gained new, post-Congressional career notoriety for using his organization FreedomWorks to champion the tea bag movement. So, in a way, Armey may actually be thinking about Pawlenty from the perspective of both institutional elite and movement conservative. It is that kind of thinking that could help Pawlenty play broadly across the party.

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