Happy New Year 2010
It has been a tough year for President Obama, but he still has another three years to write his political future. As we bid farewell to 2009, technically an off year for elections, get ready for the pace to quicken dramatically in the coming months. We’ll have competitive primaries in several statewide races next year, with multiple candidates lining up for a chance to compete in critical races for the U.S. House and Senate next November. These contests will garner tremendous amounts of national attention, among the most intense of any races in the country, and I will be here to provide my best analysis and commentary for you, as we follow them together.
Before you know it, we will be through the November midterm elections and right back into the next presidential election cycle. I remember the day after the 2006 midterm elections I spent the morning doing wrap-up analysis for various media outlets, but by the afternoon the media conversation had already shifted almost completely to speculation on what was in store for the next New Hampshire Primary.
I imagine that it will be no different this time, so I hope you will stick around and come along for the ride. Thanks to all of you for making 2009 the biggest year yet for NHPoliticalCapital.com. After a few days away to celebrate the holiday with family and friends, I’ll be back here on Tuesday, January 5th to hit the ground running. Be safe, and Happy New Year. See you soon. -Dean

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