Travelin' Man
Since I did some traveling over the holidays, I thought that an item on former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney traveling to Iowa as part of his upcoming book tour would be an appropriate way for me to kick off a new year of posts. By including stops in Iowa on his itinerary, Romney follows the well-worn path of other 2012 presidential hopefuls, most notably former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who has journeyed to the Hawkeye State to sell his prose on several occasions.
I’m not surprised to hear that Romney will be passing through Iowa on his book tour. I would expect him to make periodic trips there during the invisible primary period, and a new book provides a perfect opportunity to do so. The omission of New Hampshire from the list is a bit unexpected, however, so I will be interested to see whether stops here are added at some point in the future. As I wrote before the holidays, the next presidential election cycle could see Romney actually spending much less time trying to woo social conservatives in Iowa, and much more time talking fiscal and foreign policy in the Granite State.  Perhaps he is saving us for a second printing.

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