Gender Bender
I have been watching the Carol Shea-Porter gender brouhaha play out over the past few days, as her Republican opponents have attempted to gain some political traction off of her comments. You may have already heard Shea-Porter’s suggestion that women in Congress would be much more likely to reach a bipartisan consensus on health care without Congressmen around to complicate the negotiations. I’ve now seen the episode pop up on the national cable news shows and heard it decried on conservative talk radio. My favorite moment was when Frank Guinta implied to WMUR-TV (clip here on right) that the remarks were somehow of sufficient magnitude to prevent Shea-Porter from legislating.
Those of you who follow my analysis regularly know that I have been tough on Shea-Porter on a number of occasions, and I’ve been quick to point out silliness from the New Hampshire Democratic Party when it arises. But the Republican outrage over her comments is equally ridiculous. I’ve watched the original clip several times, and it’s clearly just a clichéd throwaway line about the differences in temperament between men and women. That being said, I actually know a number of women, Republican and Democratic, who would probably agree with the sentiment, if that is any consolation to Shea-Porter. So, here’s hoping that tonight’s State of the Union Address by President Obama gets us back to focusing on more serious matters.

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