Total Recall
For a long time now, Republican First Congressional District candidate Bob Bestani has complained about Frank Guinta using his status as the early-anointed frontrunner to essentially ignore Bestani as a primary opponent. Perhaps that will now change with news of Guinta’s anemic (for a frontrunner) fourth quarter fundraising total of just under $61,000, which is barely $10,000 more than Bestani’s take for the same period.
There are typically three ways that you can build a viable primary campaign. You can cultivate and harness grassroots fervor for your candidacy, receive the electoral imprimatur of your party’s institutional elites in Washington, or self-fund using your own personal resources. Thus far in this election cycle, Guinta has relied primarily on the second option, but that may be in jeopardy. The former Manchester mayor can’t keep receiving bad press in D.C., and expect to be viewed favorably by Republican elites there for much longer. My guess is that Guinta has one more chance (at best) to step up his game in the first quarter of 2010, before finding himself facing additional primary opponents. And, maybe Bob Bestani will finally get a chance to have his say, as well.


Posted On: 02-07-2010 10:05:01 by Jim_NH
I love hearing what Bob Bestani has to say, becaues he speaks without vague generalities. I would love it even more if all the Reoublican candidates would have an open discussion (debate?) on the issues that face this country and this state. Let us all have a chance to see the candidates without the cover of PR soundbites

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