Give the People What They Want
While channel-surfing on Saturday night, I caught some of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s appearance at the first National Tea Party Conference in Nashville.  Palin typically closes her speeches to any media coverage, so seeing her splashed live across multiple cable news outlets caught me completely by surprise. Back in November, I had written that I was starting to feel the onset of Palin fatigue, but on Saturday night I was able to hang in there for a decent chunk of her speech and subsequent Q&A.
Those of you who read my posts regularly know that I am a Palin skeptic, but I have to say that she certainly gave the conference attendees what they wanted, and then some. The big news to come out of the weekend (other than her palm crib sheet), was Palin’s statement to Fox News’ Chris Wallace that she wouldn’t close the door on a future presidential run. While her comment got a lot of play on the web (especially on the left, interestingly enough), it doesn't really change my assessment that for Palin to mount a viable presidential campaign, she would first need to break out of her now well-established comfort zone, in which social conservatives and Fox News serve as her only interlocutors.

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