When Life Interrupts
I am now back in New Hampshire, having returned from my winter recess appointment. My thanks to those of you who checked in from other parts of the country to see how we fared with last week’s one-two weather punch, especially the second wild ‘snowicane.” I was somewhat able to monitor the week’s weather developments from afar, but upon returning home I would say we made out reasonably well – the power was already back on, the house was warm, and we sustained no major property damage or downed trees. Here’s hoping that those more seriously affected in the state make a speedy recovery, as well.
I had planned to resume blogging today, but I now find myself in the unexpected position of needing to turn right back around and leave the Granite State to attend the funeral of a dear family friend. For those of you (like me) who have family and close friends on either side of the 80 year mark, bearing witness to the passing of the Greatest Generation is unfortunately becoming an all too common event.
So, I will be away for the rest of the week to do just that. I will return with new content for you on Monday, March 8th. It will be a relief to finally get back to writing about politics. See you soon. -Dean

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