You can catch me as guest on WMUR-TV’s Close Up (Ch. 9, 10 am) this Sunday morning. I will be talking about the latest candidate fundraising tallies in the various New Hampshire Congressional races. I’ll be on in the second half of the show, following a lively expanded gambling discussion among three state legislators.


Posted On: 04-23-2010 19:43:37 by Jim Splaine
Hope you pointed out that campaigns really aren't all about money. And that people really DO care about where our candidates get their financial backing, i.e. to whom they open the doors of political influence. Some of the fundraising is absolutely disgusting -- and neither political party stands with the angels in that regard. Political observers have to talk about more than the who's-on-first money race, and every time we give cheerleading and awards for the race for the corruptive influence of money, we're taking time away from talking about real issues and challenging candidates to care about real people.

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