Newtrality Act
Here is a timely follow-up to my Wednesday post discussing the ongoing attempts by Newt Gingrich to remain both politically relevant and in the media spotlight. Gingrich is now getting pretty strong criticism from some typically friendly quarters over his recent comments comparing the Obama Administration to the threat posed by the Nazis in the 1930s. In appropriating language from some elements in the tea party movement, Gingrich isn’t the first politician to try to piggyback on the populist rage expressed in the movement’s virulent denunciation of all things Obama.
But Gingrich should know better. Despite his fiery rhetorical past leading the Republican Congressional revolution of the mid-1990’s, Gingrich is now undeniably one of the party’s well-established institutional elites, policy wonks, and Washington insiders, which makes the Hitler talk seem like a sad attempt to recapture some of his old glory. It strikes me that the former House Speaker is trying a little too hard to keep the spotlight on him in a polarized and cacophonous political environment where the ante on rhetorical outrageousness (as a means of getting media coverage) is being upped on a daily basis.

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