Kelly in the Hot Seat
It looks like Granite State Democrats will finally get their wish, as former state Attorney General Kelly Ayotte appears likely to publicly testify next week, in front of the joint legislative committee exploring the Financial Resources Mortgage scandal.  Ayotte has previously said that she had no personal knowledge of the matter, and has already spoken privately with current Attorney General Michael Delaney. But given her status as a candidate for the U.S. Senate, there is no way that Ayotte can avoid giving public testimony on the scandal without looking like she has something to hide, and there is certainly plenty of interest among FRM investors, political campaigns, and the media in hearing what she has to say, which I am guessing will be not much new.
It is true that this is a no-win situation for Ayotte, but Democrats should be careful not to overplay their hand by turn the hearing into the kind of predictable partisan dogfight in which they seem primed to attack, while Ayotte’s defenders circle the wagons by commending the witness for her years of governmental service. In any event, after weeks of why won’t Kelly testify press releases, my guess is that the New Hampshire Democratic Party and the Hodes campaign have already drafted new ones for after the hearing, which will say that Ayotte’s testimony shows that she was either a) out-of-touch in office, or b) has yet to come clean. It is an election year after all, and Ayotte’s performance as Attorney General is fair game (for her primary opponents, as well).

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