A Civic Celebration
The Fourth of July holiday offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon our remarkable civic heritage, so I like to think of it as our premiere political holiday. I would put Election Day close behind, since it doesn’t enjoy quite the same status as a national holiday. As such, the Fourth also serves as an official kickoff weekend for the summer campaign season. You can bet that coming to an Old Home Day and backyard barbeque near you are a wide variety of candidates for statewide office. With several primaries chock full of party hopefuls, there should be plenty of hand-shaking and political chatter to go around this weekend.
New Hampshire’s small towns and rural communities provide an unparalleled opportunity to meet these candidates one-on-one, so don’t pass up the chance to engage them on issues that are important to you. I find that even talking to candidates who don’t stand much of a chance of winning can help crystallize your own thinking about the September primaries and November election. For those candidates who don’t get much traction this summer, you can expect a final campaign reboot over Labor Day weekend in September, but by then it will probably be too late for them.
Have a safe and enjoyable (and maybe even a little political) Fourth of July weekend. I’ll see you back here next week to continue our conversation about the summer campaign season.

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