Calling Newt's Bluff
I’ve written previously on several occasions about how tiresome I find former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s endless public flirtation with a presidential bid. For all of his political and personal machinations, Gingrich is just as likely to bow out as a potential candidate when other first-tier presidential hopefuls begin their campaigns in earnest next winter. Nonetheless, the media feels compelled to document Gingrich’s every reflection on all of the variables driving his decision, just in case.
While Gingrich probably knows he has no chance of being the Republican nominee for president, he engages in this very public dance with the idea of a run because it helps him in several ways. Maybe it helps him sell books and line up paid speaking gigs, but I think his real motivation is that it keeps him relevant to the national political discourse (at least as perceived by the media), which is something I can’t imagine Gingrich living without.
So, you can guess how thrilled I was to see a national media figure finally call Gingrich out on this issue in his own backyard, Fox News. Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, asked Gingrich whether he was playing the candidate card to get more attention. I couldn’t have put the question to Gingrich more succinctly myself. He of course replied that he’s never been more serious about a presidential bid, which should be enough to keep the media along on the ride for now. But it was at least momentarily gratifying to see someone call him on it publicly and face-to-face. Unfortunately for me, Gingrich may now feel the need to appear even more likely to run. As I said in one of my previous posts on the subject, just run already!
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Posted On: 07-29-2010 16:22:59 by Jim Splaine
What especially gets me is when any candidate for any office, when asked if they're thinking of running when they obviously are, will say "I haven't given it a bit of thought," or "I don't think about it." Or when candidates are asked about this or that poll and say, "I don't pay attention to the polls." WHY LIE? Of course they've given it thought. Of course they pay attention to the polls. So many are guilty of that. No wonder most people think politicians lie. They do!

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