Inhospitable Climate Redux
Here is an update on an earlier update for you. I recently wrote about the all too predictable demise of comprehensive energy legislation dealing with climate change in the U.S. Senate. As was also predictable, the House recently passed a narrow bill focused on various remedies coming out of the BP Gulf oil spill experience. At the time of my posting on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was attempting to move his own version of the spill bill quickly through the chamber in advance of the Senate shutting down for summer recess at the end of this week.
This struck me as legislatively dubious, and sure enough on Tuesday Reid pulled the plug on the legislation completely, postponing consideration until at least September. If the chances of passage were slim in recent weeks, my guess is they will be close to none in the fall lead-up to the midterm elections. Keep in mind that the House passed energy legislation dealing with climate change over a year ago in June 2009. For my take on why energy legislation is a frequent casualty of Congressional politics, I refer you back to the original post.

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