Going at the Governor
I had a number of interesting political conversations with friends and neighbors over the weekend. I should say that their political leanings cover the ideological spectrum from left to right, and to a man and a woman, they all wanted to talk with me about the race for governor of New Hampshire. It wasn’t so much that they thought Governor John Lynch is in serious danger of losing, but they were amazed at the vociferousness with which outside Republican-affiliated groups have gone after him, with several folks mentioning having seen both the Republican Governors Association and Americans for Prosperity television ads aimed at the governor.
In essence, what intrigued them most was simply the spectacle of seeing Lynch in the unfamiliar position of needing to actually mount an aggressive campaign, in order to protect his incumbency. Most had little or no memory of Lynch’s performance as a candidate against Governor Craig Benson in 2004, and that cycle was dominated by the presidential contest between President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry, anyway. So, this race feels like something new and different to them, and as a result, they are now watching it with a level of attention which rivals that devoted to any of the other statewide races currently underway.

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