The Possibility of Trump
It is almost too awesome to comprehend. Famed New York real estate mogul and larger-than-life media personality Donald Trump has been making the rounds of the morning shows, suggesting that he is seriously considering a run for president in 2012 (watch a clip here). You may have also recently seen a story about Trump polling a presidential bid in New Hampshire, but he denies having anything to do with those phone calls. It is true that Trump is a veteran showman, and is highly skilled at generating a profitable media buzz for whatever enterprise he happens to be promoting at the moment. So, perhaps these appearances are designed with some other public relations purpose in mind, but maybe not.
Were he to run for president, Trump (who says he’s a Republican) would of course have no chance of winning the party’s nomination, and he is not likely willing to do the grueling legwork necessary for a legitimate third party bid. But if he were to run as a Republican, imagine the impact he could have on the political discourse in the primaries. Trump’s bluntness and general antipathy toward political orthodoxy could offer a refreshing (and entertaining) counterpoint to what is otherwise likely to be a grinding debate over which candidate is hewing most closely to the tenets of conservatism. Just imagine the televised debates, and Trump’s ability to bring the New York media along for the ride would a bonus. One can only hope.


Posted On: 10-06-2010 11:46:49 by Jim Splaine
DEAN! After Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama, can we ever really say that no one could win their party's nomination, or get elected President? Well, within reason, at least? Each of them were thought early-on to stand no chance. I remember Donald Trump visiting New Hampshire when he was thinking of running back in 1992 or thereabouts. A lot of Republicans were listening. While I think the greed factor that seems to be his lifestyle would likely work against him, and I would hope that no one would be seduced by his implied "successful businessperson" image (he just figured out a way to exploit the system to make money off other's backs), I can expect that he might get some votes.

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