Bobby is Believable
You may have already seen some mention of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s visit to the Granite State yesterday, in order to campaign on behalf of Republican gubernatorial candidate John Stephen. Upon setting foot in New Hampshire, Jindal was of course immediately asked whether he was here in part to further a potential run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. As you would expect from most politicians in his position, Jindal said he was not interested in running for president in the next cycle.
Sometimes I feel like rolling my eyes at the fact that virtually any politician with some national name recognition is asked this question when visiting New Hampshire. But in this case, it was not an unreasonable question to ask of a 2008 vice presidential short-lister like Jindal, who has traveled all the way up here from the Pelican State just to spend a little quality time with Stephen.
What surprises me most about this episode, however, is that I actually believe Jindal. I really don’t think he will run for president in 2012. In the wake of all the McCain running mate chatter in 2008, Jindal had a highly visible and politically uneven 2009. You can refresh your memory by reading my take on his high and low points for that year. We haven’t heard all that much from Jindal since, as he seems to have stuck to his promise to spend 2010 focusing on Louisiana.
I think the whole 2008-2009 experience has made Jindal a bit hesitant to get right back under the political microscope. Also, he is only 39 years old, so there is really no rush for him to run at the moment. Jindal is still a good 8-12 years or so away from peak presidential campaigning age, and he will need to spend 2011 focused on his own reelection bid. I don’t know that we’ve heard the last of Jindal as a potential nominee, but unlike some other high-profile Republican visitors to the state, he just doesn’t seem to have been bitten by the presidential bug (at least not yet).

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