Surprise Party
You may have read over the weekend that Ovide Lamontagne is planning to hold a Republican unity rally next Tuesday. A perfectly fine idea for his party, but it clearly caught the major Republican candidates by surprise, as some won’t be able to attend due to scheduling conflicts, while others are scrambling to change their schedules.
It is inevitable that some will question Lamontagne’s motivation for holding this rally during the final (and busiest) week of the general election campaign. He has been quite open recently about both his desire to run for public office again in the future, and his intention to set up a political action committee to facilitate his ongoing involvement in state politics. The unavoidable implication is that perhaps Lamontagne views holding this event as his prerogative, given his very close loss to Kelly Ayotte in the primary, and the goodwill he demonstrated in defeat.
I have written previously that Lamontagne would likely use his close finish in September as a springboard for further inserting himself into the general election discourse. This rally, however well-intentioned, seems to be in keeping with that motivation. But given that the U.S. Senate race between Kelly Ayotte and Democratic challenger Rep. Paul Hodes hasn’t turned out to be quite the barnburner it might have been, I wonder what kind of future political return Lamontagne will get on his investment.

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