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Here is a little item for the Why? File. Former New York Governor George Pataki is signaling that he may consider a run for president in 2012. For those of you who don’t remember Pataki’s nonstarter of a presidential campaign in 2008, this would be his second flirtation with a run for the White House. Pataki talks about the need for experienced leadership in his comments, but for someone who spent 12 years in the New York governor’s office, you don’t hear much about a Pataki legacy in the state. Perhaps the Client Number Nine and Governor David Patterson spectacles of the past four years have temporarily obscured it.
My guess is that Pataki has been bitten by the presidential bug as a result of the increased attention he has received through his Revere America organization. You may know of this outside advocacy group as the one that ran the creepy green night-vision ad in the Second Congressional District against Democratic candidate Annie Kuster. Pataki is of course welcome to test his presidential strength in New Hampshire, and he’ll get a close look…just like Rick Santorum.
Note: Back posting on Tuesday. -Dean

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